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'61 TELEFUNKEN Radio (Gelosino on top)


'62 Toyland


'63 PHILIPS Tape recorder - 4 tks, 4 speeds, 2 channel mixer (my first recording studio in '68)


'64 LESAPHON "Altair" Stereo record player


'60s GELOSO P.A. Tube Power amp


'60s OLIVETTI Lettera22 (my Dad's typewriter)


'60s VOXON Transistor Radio (a lot of 60s music passed throught this baby)


'66 PHILIPS Battery Powered Record Player (Beatle music everywhere!)


'67 PHILIPS K7 Cassette Recorder (my first mastering tape machine)


'73 PHILIPS Cassette Player and '69 IRRADIETTE record player

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